Resident Evil 1996 (Video Game) live-action actors

This wallpaper was created by Jay-Kennedy from Deviantart, so I’d like to thank her for the image:

Jill & Chris

Resident Evil Deadly Silence

Resident Evil 1996


Resident Evil (バイオハザード, spelled Baiohazādo or simply Biohazard in Japan) is a survival horror game by CAPCOM and is the first game in the Resident Evil series. It was originally released in 1996 for the PlayStation and has been subsequently ported to the Sega Saturn and PC, then re-released twice on the PlayStation in the form of a Director’s Cut. This game has many modified versions. Resident Evil Director’s Cut was released in 1997 and it was a modified version of the Original game. In 1998, Resident Evil Director’s Cut with Dual Shock version was released. Dual Shock version also contains new soundtracks. Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is an enhanced version of the original Resident Evil for the Nintendo DS port and it was released in 2006. In 2002 Capcom made a remake of the first Resident Evil game on Nintendo GameCube. This game is often known under the informal titles of Resident Evil: Remake or Resident Evil: Rebirth (abbreviated REmake and REbirth respectively). In 2015, Resident Evil HD Remaster was released for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.
This game has exceptional graphics, characters have different voice actors and face models, the live action movies are replaced with animated cutscenes. Also, in Spencer’s Mansion new rooms are added.


First Resident Evil has live-action movies during the game opening and ending. Actors and actresses who portrayed characters in the live-action movies, weren’t voice actors in this game. Their voices were dubbed over with voice actors voices. Actors and actresses were listed with the first names or pseudonyms. They were random models. Now we know three live-action actors: Charlie Kraslavsky, Greg Smith and Eric Pirius. Voice actors weren’t credited for this game.

I would like to thank all the Resident Evil fans, who found the live-action actors:

Charlie Kraslavsky – Found by Sam Scott

Greg Smith – Found by dr_raichi,

Eric Pirius – Found by Sam Scott

I contacted Ward Sexton, who was a narrator in this game and he told me that the cast below is correct.

Ward is credited in this game

Resident Evil 1996 credits-3

Here is my email conversation to Ward Sexton



The voice cast is confirmed by Ward Sexton. The left side of the picture below is from the end credits of the game, which shows the list of  live-actors (they were credited with only their first names), and the right side of the picture shows the list of voice actors.

Resident Evil Credits

Note: Shinji Mikami and Ward Sexton didn’t say that the voice actors were different people, however according to voice actor Barry Gjerde’s and several live-action actors’ interviews Scott, Barry and Lynn are only voice actors. Also Jill’s actress and voice actress is not the same person.

Shinji Mikami’s word from the interview:”That cheap filming was completely my mistake. I did not have enough time or money, and should have chosen the actors according to their acting skills, but now it’s too late for that “… -SHINJI MIKAMI

Also here is  Barry’s interview

Three live-action actors have been identified. Their full names are shown on the picture below 

The Pictures which are used for this blog belong to their owners.


Actors and actresses who were in this game


Charlie Kraslavsky  – Chris Redfield (Credited with his first name)

Charles Bram Kraslavsky was born on August 14, 1968, Tokyo, Japan. Charlie Kraslavsky is an actor. Charlie has appeared in many Japanese films and projects. He played Chris Redfield in the live-action sequence. Charlie wasn’t Chris Redfield’s voice actor, he only portrayed Chris. The character of Chris Redfield was voiced by Scott McCulloch both in live-action cutscenes and in game dialogues.

Little information about Charlie Kraslavsky from his Facebook page (Charlie Kraslavsky):

2014 – Started Working at Spaghettini & the Dave Koz Lounge
2013 – Started Working at Taiko Brentwood
2011 – Started Working at Talent Plus
1990 – Graduated from San Francisco State University
1986 – Graduated from The American School in Japan
1983 – Graduated from Nishimachi International School

Here is Charlie’s Youtube channel:

I have created a fan page about him: Charlie Kraslavsky’s fan page

Here is a page, where Charlie talks about Resident Evil:

Charlie Kraslavsky with beard

On the above picture it is Charlie Kraslavsky with beard. Many fans thought that this was Gregory Smith who played Barry, however according to Charlie Kraslavsky, initially Shinji Mikami wanted the character of Chris Redfield to have beard, but later they changed their mind. 

Charlie Kraslavsky’s photos

Charlie Kraslavsky playing the role of Chris Redfield in Resident Evil

Charlie Kraslavsky’s pictures on inventory screen of Biohazard 1995 beta Sample 10-04-95 and Resident Evil 1996 game

Charlie Kraslavsky with Inezh

Charlie Kraslavsky with Inezh, Eric Pirius and Gregory Smith

Charlie Kraslavsky with Linda


Scott McCulloch – Chris Redfield (voice) (uncredited)

Scott McCulloch as Chris Redfield

Scott McCulloch was a canadian DJ, narrator and voice actor. Scott was Ward Sexton’s good friend. He did voice acting in several video games like: Tekken, Tekken 2, Time Crisis, The Note, Castlevania : Symphony of the Night, Castlevania : Legacy of darkness and etc.

In 1995, Scott did voice over roles in two games Tekken and Tekken 2, where he voiced Paul Phoenix. Then in the same year he voiced Chris Redfield in Resident Evil. After that his most notable video game role was Richter Belmont in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997). Scott was an intro narrator and Paulo’s voice actor in The Note (1997). Then he was an opening narrator in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (1999). He also voiced Wild Dog in Time Crisis (1997), Time Crisis II (2001) and Time Crisis 3 (2003). In Tekken 5 (2005) he did additional voices. In several games Scott was working with Barry Gjerde and Lynn Harris.

Unfortunately, Scott McCulloch passed away on September 27, 2000.

I’ve created a memorial page for Ramsay Scott McCulloch:

IMDb page says that Scott McCulloch voiced some roles in Time Crisis II, Time Crisis 3, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone and Tekken 5. But Scott wasn’t alive at the time, so either this information is wrong or maybe Scott’s archive voice was used in these games.

Below is a photo of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night credits and Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness credits, where Scott is credited as a narrator and Richter’s voice actor.

Castlevania credits

Scott McCulloch’s photos

Scott McCulloch

Scott McCulloch & Barry Gjerde

Scott McCulloch and Barry Gjerde

Facebook memorial page for Scott McCulloch.

Note: Not to be confused with a Canadian actor Scott McCulloch (see below).


Below is a Canadian actor whose name is Scott McCulloch too and he plays in movies, TV shows and theater roles. He has never done any voice acting in video games, but people often confuse him with Scott McCulloch who was a voice actor. IMDb has incorrect information about him. He is not Scott McCulloch from the video games.

Scott McCulloch actorScott McCulloch actor-2Scott McCulloch actor-3Scott McCulloch actor-4Scott McCulloch actor-5Scott McCulloch actor-6Scott McCulloch actor-7Scott McCulloch actor-8Scott McCulloch actor-9Scott McCulloch actor-10


Inezh – Jill Valentine

Una Kavanagh as Jill Valentine

Una Kavanagh as Jill Valentine-2

Una Kavanagh as Jill Valentine-3

Una Kavanagh as Jill Valentine-4

Una Kavanagh as Jill Valentine-5

Jill Valentine was played by Inezh, who was a high school student at the time. In 1995 Inezh portrayed Jill Valentine. Live-action intro where she played Jill, was shot on the bank of Tama (River Bay Tokyo, Japan). Back then, she was a student and it’s natural that she didn’t have much experience, so a director Shinji Mikami didn’t like her acting. In an interview Shinji said that he didn’t have enough money or time, otherwise he would have chosen actors according to their acting skills. According to Shinji Mikami all these actors were chosen because of their appearence.

Una Kavanagh – Jill Valentine (voice) (uncredited)

According to Ward Sexton the list is correct so Jill’s voice actress name is Una Kavanagh.

Jill Valentine was voiced by Una Kavanagh both in live-action cutscenes and in game dialogues. According to Barry’s interview Una was a voice actress from northern Alberta, Canada. She studied at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, which is in Edmonton.

Una is known for a role of Jill Valentine only. After Resident Evil she didn’t have any other roles.

Inezh playing the role of Jill Valentine in Resident Evil

Una KavanaghUna Kavanagh-2Una Kavanagh-3Una Kavanagh-4Una Kavanagh-5Una Kavanagh-6Una Kavanagh-7Una Kavanagh-8Una Kavanagh-9Una Kavanagh-10Una Kavanagh-11Una Kavanagh-12Una Kavanagh-13Una Kavanagh-14Una Kavanagh-15Una Kavanagh-16Una Kavanagh-17Una Kavanagh-18Una Kavanagh-19Una Kavanagh-20Una Kavanagh-21Una Kavanagh-22Una Kavanagh-23Una Kavanagh-24Una Kavanagh-25Una Kavanagh-26Una Kavanagh-27Una Kavanagh-28Una Kavanagh-29Una Kavanagh-30Una Kavanagh-31Una Kavanagh-32Una Kavanagh-33Una Kavanagh-34Una Kavanagh-35Una Kavanagh-36Una Kavanagh-37Una Kavanagh-38Una Kavanagh-39Una Kavanagh-40Una Kavanagh-41Una Kavanagh-42Una Kavanagh-43Una Kavanagh-44

Inezh’s pictures on inventory screen of Biohazard 1995 beta sample 10-04-95 and Resident Evil 1996 game

Una Kavanagh-45Una Kavanagh-46

Note: Not to be confused with an Irish actress Una Kavanagh (see below)


Below is an Irish actress whose name is Una Kavanagh too and she plays in movies, TV shows and theater roles. I’ve contacted her on Twitter and she told me that she wasn’t Jill. So this Irish actress Una is not Una from the game, she neither played Jill, nor voiced her. However, people often confuse her with Inezh from Resident Evil, because they look like each other.

Una Kavanagh as Jill Valentine

Una KavanaghUna Kavanagh 2Una Kavanagh 3Una Kavanagh 4Una Kavanagh 5Una Kavanagh 6Una Kavanagh 7Una Kavanagh 8Una Kavanagh 9Una Kavanagh 10Una Kavanagh 11Una Kavanagh 13Una Kavanagh 18Una Kavanagh 17Una Kavanagh8

Una Kavanagh in Braveheart 1995

Una Kavanagh2Una Kavanagh1Una Kavanagh & Mel GibsonUna Kavanagh & Mel Gibson 2


Greg Smith – Barry Burton (Credited with his first name Gregory)

Greg Smith is an actor who played Barry Burton in the live-action sequence. He leaves in Australia. He is a principal in a School at South Wagga.

This information above about Greg Smith was initially provided by a Resident Evil fan, dr_raichi and later it was confirmed by Gregory Smith himself.

Gregory wasn’t Barry Burton’s voice actor, he only portrayed Barry. Character of Barry Burton was voiced by Barry Gjerde both in live-action cutscenes and in game dialogues.

Here is Greg’s Facebook page: Greg Smith Facebook

I’ve created a fan page about Gregory Smith: Gregory Smith

Here is an official interview with Gregory Smith by Monique Alves from Resident Evil Database: Gregory Smith’s interview

Greg Smith’s photos

Greg Smith playing the role of Barry Burton in Resident Evil

Note: Below is a photo of Barry Burton with his family. It is unknown who are Barry’s wife and children on this photo. Many fans thought that they were Gregory’s actual family, however according to Gregory Smith it was made up for the game and they aren’t his real family.


Barry Gjerde – Barry Burton (voice) (uncredited)

Barry Gjerde was born Oddbjørn Egil Gjerde on August 13, 1951, in Vesterns, Norway. He has worked many years in Japan as a translator, mostly narrating various corporate projects and providing voice acting for video games. He did voice over roles in many Japanese games. In 1995 Barry voiced Yoshimitsu in Tekken 2 and the same year he voiced Barry Burton in Resident Evil. After that he did many voice over roles in games. Barry voiced Sheck Gardner, Randy Jones and did some additional voices in Countdown Vampires (1999). He voiced two characters in Garasu no Bara (Glass Rose) (2003) – Denemon Yoshinodu and Ryouji Ihara. In 2006 Barry was an opening narrator in video game Elebits. Barry Gjerde officially confirmed his participation in Resident Evil on a former site FYFRE. In several games he was working with Lynn Harris and Scott McCulloch.

Note: According to Barry Gjerde’s interview Barry Burton was played by Gregory and voiced by Barry Gjerde.

Here is Barry’s interview

Greg Smith and Barry Gjerde comparison

Gregory Smith who is Barry’s live-action actor is on the left side, and Barry Gjerde, who voiced Barry Burton in live-action cutscenes and in game dialogues is on the right side. Many fans often confuse Gregory Smith with Barry’s voice actor Barry Gjerde, because they look like each other.


Barry Gjerde’s photos

Barry GjerdeBarry Gjerde-2Barry Gjerde-3Barry Gjerde-4Barry Gjerde-5Barry Gjerde-6Barry Gjerde-7Barry Gjerde-8Barry Gjerde-9


Linda – Rebecca Chambers

Linda is an actress who played Rebecca Chambers in the live-action sequence. Linda wasn’t Rebecca Chambers’ voice actress, she only portrayed Rebecca. Character of Rebecca Chambers was voiced by Lynn Harris both in live-action cutscenes and in game dialogues.

Linda playing the role of Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil

Linda with Charlie Kraslavsky

Linda’s picture on inventory screen of Resident Evil 1996


Lynn Harris – Rebecca Chambers (voice) (uncredited)

Lynn Harris is an actress, musician/director and the owner of a production company called “Phase 1 Incorporated”. She divides her time between Los Angeles and Tokyo. Directing the voice actors in the original Resident Evil was her video game directing debut. Lynn Harris did voice over roles in many Japanese video games – Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Time Crisis, Time Crisis II, Garasu no Bara (Glass Rose), etc. In “Garasu no Bara” she voiced two characters Mizuho Takase, and Tae Nakatani.

In 1995 Lynn Harris did voice over role of Rebecca Chambers. She was also a casting consultant in Resident Evil. In several games she worked with Scott McCulloch, Barry Gjerde and Lisle Wilkerson. She is a talented composer, singer and a songwriter. She has been working as a voice actress since 1989.

Lynn Harris has alternate names: Lynn Eve Harris and Lynn M.Harris

Note: According to Ward Sexton and Lisle Wilkerson, Rebecca’s voice actress is Lynn Harris. I’ve contacted Lisle Wilkerson on facebook who was working with Lynn Harris in several games and she told me that this Lynn Harris is Rebecca.

This information is also confirmed on this website:

According to Barry’s interview Scott, Barry and Lynn are only voice actors

For years, many fans thought that the voice actress – Lynn Harris was Rebecca’s live-action actress, however several interviews confirmed that Lynn was only Rebecca’s voice actress.

Lynn Harris as Rebecca Chambers

Lynn Harris as Rebecca Chambers 2

Lynn Harris as Rebecca Chambers-Resident Evil


Lynn Harris’ photos

Lynn HarrisLynn Harris 2Lynn Harris 3Lynn Harris 4Lynn Harris-5

Lynn Harris with a voice actor Greg Irwin

Lynn Harris and Greg Irwin

Note: Not to be confused with Lynn Harris who is an essayist (See below)


Below is Lynn Harris who is an essayist. Some people think that this Lynn Harris played Rebecca, but it is confirmed that this is incorrect information. I have contacted this Lynn Harris and she told me that she wasn’t Rebecca.

Lynn Harris-1Lynn Harris-2Lynn Harris-3Lynn Harris

This Lynn Harris is a feminist journalist, essayist, and an author who lives in Brooklyn NY. Lynn has written several books: Breakup Girl, Miss media, Tray gourmet, Death by Chick lit, He loved me He loves me not, etc. She has never done any voice acting in video games. She isn’t a voice actress.

She has her own website:

Note: When I contacted Lisle Wilkerson on facebook I sent her these two pictures below and she told me that Rebecca’s voice actress is a woman holding up a dog.

Lynn Harris as Rebecca Chambers 2Lynn Harris as Rebecca2


According to Charlie Kraslavsky, Eric is not Sergio Alarcon:

Eric Pirius – Albert Wesker (Credited with his first name)

Eric Pirius is an actor who played Albert Wesker in the live-action sequence. He lives in Minneapolis, works at a bank and does voice work too. Eric wasn’t Albert Wesker’s voice actor, he only portrayed Wesker. Character of Albert Wesker was voiced by Pablo Kuntz both in live-action cutscenes and in game dialogues.

Little information about Eric Pirius from his Facebook page: (Eric Pirius)

1985 – Started School at Vassar College

I’ve created a fan page about Eric Pirius:

Eric Pirius’ photos

Eric Pirius playing the role of Albert Wesker in Resident Evil

Sergio Alarcon and Eric Pirius Comparison

Eric Pirius, who is Wesker’s live-action actor is on the right side, and actor Sergio Alarcon, who plays in films, TV series and who voiced Brad Vickers in the first Resident Evil game is on the left side. For many years, Resident Evil fans saw similarities in facial appearance between Eric and Sergio, so it was believed that Sergio Alarcon both played and voiced Wesker. However, later it was confirmed that Albert Wesker was portrayed by Eric Pirius in the live-action scenes of the game and was voiced by Pablo Kuntz in the game dialogues.

Pablo Kuntz – Albert Wesker (voice) (uncredited) (Officially confirmed)

Albert Wesker was voiced by Pablo Kuntz. Pablo Kuntz grew up in a small town called Rosemere, near Montreal, Canada. In 1993, shortly after graduating from the University of Western Ontario, he moved to Tokyo and lived there for 20 years. According to Sergio Alarcon’s interview, Pablo worked with him and voiced some of the characters in Resident Evil, however Sergio didn’t say which characters were voiced by them. Later, it was confirmed that Albert Wesker was voiced by Pablo Kuntz in the first Resident Evil game. The information about Wesker’s voice actor was confirmed by Pablo Kuntz on his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, we don’t have Pablo’s official interview.

Below is a photo of Pablo’s YouTube channel, where he confirmed that he did a voice over role of Albert Wesker.

This information is also confirmed on this website:

I’ve created a fan page about him:

Note: According to Ward and Sergio Alarcon, Pablo was a voice actor in this game. For many years, it was considered by fans that Sergio Alarcon voiced Wesker, however this information turned out to be incorrect.

I would like to thank RE fans, who managed to contact Pablo. They helped us find out the truth.


Sergio Alarcon – Brad Vickers (voice) (uncredited)

Brad Vickers was voiced by Sergio Alarcon. Sergio confirmed his participation in Resident Evil on a now defunct website. He said that his real name is Sergio Alarcon and “Jones” was used in some movies. He also said that his brother Clay Alarcon, who is known as Clay Enniss and a Canadian man Pablo Kuntz voiced some characters in Resident Evil. After Resident Evil, Sergio played in many movies: Baywatch Hawaii, To End All Wars, Shadow: Dead Riot, The Pick Up, Damnation, Late Fee, etc. In Baywatch he played Doctor Inaba in a few episodes.

Here is Sergio Alarcon’s interview, where he talks about Resident Evil voice acting: Sergio Alarcon’s interview – This interview was made several years ago and the interviewer thought that Sergio Alarcon did a voice over role of Albert Wesker, so he/she asked him some questions about this character, however Sergio didn’t say which character was voiced by him.

D.C Douglas who voiced Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5 also confirmed the version that Sergio Jones Alarcon voiced Albert Wesker in the first Resident Evil: – However, according to Pablo Kuntz, D.C. Douglas has incorrect information about the Wesker’s first voice actor.

Note: Sergio Alarcon and his brother Clay were also in a 1999 video game – Deep Freeze.

You can view Deep Freeze credits here:

Sergio Alarcon has alternate names: Sergio Jones

Sergio Alarcon’s photos

Sergio AlarconSergio Alarcon-2Sergio Alarcon-3Sergio Alarcon-4Sergio Alarcon-5Sergio Alarcon-6


Jason Wool (creditied as Jason) – Joseph Frost

Jason Wool as Joseph Frost-2

Joseph Frost was played by Jason Wool. Jason Wool is credited as Jason in the end credits. Jason Wool is best known for his role of Joseph Frost. After Resident Evil he didn’t have any other roles.

According to Ward Sexton the actor who played Joseph Frost is a man whose name is Jason Wool.

Jason Wool playing the role of Joseph Frost in Resident Evil

Jason Wool as Joseph FrostJason Wool as Joseph Frost-3Jason Wool as Joseph Frost-4


Clay Alarcon (also Known as Clay Enniss) – Richard Aiken (voice)

Richard Aiken’s photo


Clay Alarcon is also known as Clay Enniss. He is Sergio Alarcon’s brother. In 1995 Clay was working as an English teacher in Japan, according to Sergio Alarcon’s interview. Clay did additional voices in Resident Evil and probably he also voiced Richard Aiken.

Note: According to Ward and Sergio, Clay was a voice actor in this game.


Dean Harrington – Enrico Marini (voice)

Dean Harrington as Enrico Marini Resident Evil

Dean Harrington was born in 1948 on September 9. He is an actor and a voice actor. Dean did voice over roles in many Japanese games. For instance: Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Time Crisis II, Tekken 5, etc. In several games he was working with Lisle Wilkerson, Lynn Harris, Barry Gjerde and Scott McCulloch. Dean did additional voices in Resident Evil and he probably voiced Enrico Marini as well.

Note: According to Ward, Dean was a voice actor in this game.


Ward E.Sexton (Narrator)

Ward E.Sexton Resident Evil

Ward E.Sexton is a voice actor and was Scott McCulloch’s close friend. In Resident Evil, Resident Evil Director’s Cut and Resident Evil 4, he was calling a title of the game. Ward did many voice over roles in Japanese games: Deadly Arts, Silent Hill 2, Bloody Roar 4, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone, etc.

He has his own website:

Below is the information from some forums , but according to Ward Sexton all this is incorrect.

Lisle Wilkerson (voice of Jill) (some people’s opinion)

Lisle Wilkerson as Jill Valentine

Some people asked Lisle if she was Jill’s voice and Lisle said that she didn’t remember, but maybe. Lisle Wilkerson is an actress and a voice actress. She grew up in Tokyo, Japan and has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. She did voice over roles in many Japanese games: Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Garasu no bara (Glass Rose), Virtua Fighter 5, etc. Her most notable role was Nina Williams in Tekken 5. She also voiced Christie Monteiro. In Garasu no bara (Glass Rose) she voiced Emi Katagiri. Lisle played in some movies as well. These movies are Lost in Translation, where she played sexy businesswoman and Kamataki, where she played role of Rita. Lisle was working with Scott McCulloch, Lynn Harris and Barry Gjerde in some games. She moved to US in 2008.

Note: According to Ward Sexton Jill’s voice actress is someone whose name is Una Kavanagh, so she couldn’t have played Jill.

According to Barry’s interview Jill’s voice actress is from northern Alberta, Canada. She studied at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, which is in Edmonton.

Lisle is a good person, she helped me find Rebecca’s actress.

Lisle Wilkerson’s photos

Lisle Wilkerson Lisle Wilkerson 1 Lisle Wilkerson 2 Lisle Wilkerson 3 Lisle Wilkerson 4 Lisle Wilkerson 5 Lisle Wilkerson 6 Lisle Wilkerson 7 Lisle Wilkerson 8 Lisle Wilkerson 9Lisle Wilkerson-10 Lisle Wilkerson & Paris Hilton


Wendy Rice (credited as Inezh) – Only few people believe that she played Jill

Wendy Rice as Jill Valentine

Wendy Rice as Jill Valentine-2

Wendy Rice (born March 14, 1975) is an American B-movie actress. She played in many erotic TV series and movies, for example: Dangerous Passions, The Best Sex Ever, Carnal Confessions, etc. Now Wendy has twin girls and is chef food and necklace maker. Some people think that she played Jill Valentine in the First Resident Evil. It is confusing that Shinji said Jill’s actress was a teenager and Wendy Rice would have been 20 years old back then given her date of birth.

Note: Wendy Rice is not pornographic actress, she has never participated in X rated films.

Note: I’ve contacted Wendy on twitter because I wanted to check these rumors, but she hasn’t replayed yet.

Photos of Wendy Rice

Wendy RiceWendy Rice 2Wendy Rice 3 Wendy Rice 4 Wendy Rice 5 Wendy Rice 6Wendy Rice 7

Wendy Rice & Keri Winsdor Wendy Rice & Keri Winsdor 2Wendy Rice-10


Lisa Faye (Jill Valentine) (voice) (some people’s opinion)

Lisa Faye Lisa Faye 2

Lisa Faye is a stylish, charismatic and dynamic vocalist with a natural ability to grab the attention of audiences every time. Some people on forums said that she voiced Jill.

Note: According to Ward Sexton Jill was voiced by Una Kavanagh, so this information about Lisa is incorrect.

Michelle Yerger – Jill Valentine (some people’s opinion)

Michelle Yerger Michelle Yerger 2Michelle Yerger-3 Michelle Yerger-4 Michelle Yerger-5 Michelle Yerger-6 Michelle Yerger-7Michelle Yerger-8Michelle Yerger-9Michelle Yerger-10Michelle Yerger-11Michelle Yerger-12

Michelle Yerger is an actress who played miss Idaho in Miss Congeniality. She also played 911 Nun in The Princess Diaries. On some forums people said that she played Jill.



Ashley Bashioum (credited as Inezh) (Some people think that she’s Jill)

Ashley Bashioum

Ashley Bashioum 2Ashley Bashioum 3 Ashley Bashioum 4 Ashley Bashioum 5

Ashley Bashioum was born on December 30 in 1983. Ashley is an American actress. Ashley started her acting career at the age of 15. Her first role was Mackenzie Browning in The Young and The Restless (TV series 1999-2005). She finished her high-schooling while continuing to act. Ashley played Jackie in Flight of the Living Dead. She is known for The Shield and Slice (short). Some people think that Ashley played Jill, but in 1995 she was 12 years old, so she couldn’t have been Jill’s actress.


Kari Byron (credited as Linda) – Rebecca Chambers (some people’s opinion)

Kari Byron as Rebecca Chambers

Kari Byron as Rebecca Chambers 2

Kari Elizabeth Byron was born in 1974 on December 18. She is is an American television host and artist, best known for her featured role on the Discovery Channel show Myth Busters. She has been married to Paul Urich since March 2006. They have one child. Some people believe that she played Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil because Kari looks like her.

Note: I’ve contacted her agent, because I wanted to check the rumors, but he hasn’t replied yet.

Kary Byron’s photos

Kari ByronKari Byron 2Kari Byron 3 Kari Byron 4



All right people, that’s all I know. I hope you enjoy this blog.

If you enjoy it, please leave a comment






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  3. Ugh, how is this still a mystery?! Surely somebody knows. It definitely isn’t Una Kavanagh. I’ve been through her Twitter account and somebody asked her a few years ago, posting a pic of Jill Valentine in Res Evil 1 in the intro video and she replied “not me :-)”. Need to know who she is!

  4. Ok resident evil fans, I been searching high and low who are the real live action actors are from resident evil game in 1995 too, we all know the actors where given fake stage names because they wasn’t real actors/actresses but sadly the actor who played Barry was called Malcolm Adams but Adam sadly passed away from lung cancer in 2005 according to this forum ( ) but we all want to know who the real actress is who played inezh but sadly no has able to track her down well isn’t it obvious this can tell you answer in different ways remember the game was made 22 years ago, in today technology world everybody has at least a device such as smartphone to come online she would of seen the comments from people, she could of seen the video of making of resident evil same goes to the other actors but the person who played Jill aka inezh she was a student at the time of the making of resident evil she can be anyone and anywhere in the world dont forget this is lady in 40s today she probably didn’t fancy carry on with acting she probably could be anyone such as doctor, nurse, vet, or anything or even her probably she sadly passed away but her secretary real identity is always going to be same do you think if she wanted to people to know her real identity don’t you think she could of come forward and write on the comments or even have a fan webpage or social media profile by now!

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    It was his birthday days ago.

  6. I’ve been searching the web also gosh would feel better to know a little something more about inezh I’ve looked for her like yous have that grew up and remembered it’ss funny and crazy cos she had a impact on all of us all the hottie she caught my eye straight away what a game . Good research

  7. THANK YOU for your efforts my friend, I appreciate how long this project must have taken you -and still going! This is by far the most comprehensive guide to the players of RE1, and the information on the rest of the gang has satisfied me enough to call off my search for Jill .. for now 🙂 Best wishes.

    • I understand and I also feel satisfied with all the rest of the info it was only her I originally wanted to see but really enjoyed finding out about the others and I bet it wasn’t easy! Only way it could be possibly done is by getting intouch the live actors somehow or the man that made the game himself which he wouldn’t say unless was a friend.. and even then hed prob just say what she was did that year not anything recent. I’m gonna try contact the live actors if there is away and I’ll write to you if sucessfull, might go japan.. that’d be dedication I ain’t doing that tho lol. Safe

      • Ainsley, the identified live actors have already been queried on Jason, Linda and Inezh.

        I know for certain that Gregory is getting tired of being asked the same question.

  8. The main person that made the game asn’t been contacted..? Yeh I didn’t realise ppl have contacted them and got answers, my bad.. . Thanks for the quick reply

  9. judt bought RE HD remake, but played the game when it came out (PS1). had no idea you guys had a whole thing going on finding the cast. first thing i missed was the real footage intro. hell, the phenomenon RE has become, the original cast are to RE what the Star Wars cast to…well, Star Wars. Hope you’ll find the lost actors, and if, let them know.

  10. That unnamed person above is a retard. For the millionth time, original Jill is NOT Una Kavanagh.

    Inezh must be dead or completely off the grid.

  11. She must be Rebecca.
    They share many features. If she was the actress, she must be 6 years older than then, this is the oldest picture of she… what do u thing?

      • Apparently, you gave up. But if you ever read this… As you know, on IMDB is said that her name is “Linda Rodriguez”. This could be fake, but then you realise that she was also de “action model” of a videogame QUITE similar to Resident Evil also in Japan. Its name is Deep Freeze and at least 1 producer participated also in the Resident Evil saga. So, I’m quite sure that the Rebecca’s name must be “Linda Rodriguez”.

  12. I’m so glad people are still so dedicated to solving this mistery, Pierre, that’s an interesting development but still, too soon to be sure it’s her. We shall wait and see the next weeks.

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