Resident Evil Fan Cast

This is a fan cast of Resident Evil. It is based on the characters from the Resident Evil 1996 game. The cast also contains characters from Resident Evil 0.

22 years passed since the Resident Evil 1996 was released and we know identities of only three live-action actors from the original game. These actors are Charlie Kraslavsky (Chris Redfield), Gregory Smith (Barry Burton) and Eric Pirius (Albert Wesker). We still don’t know who played Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers and Joseph Frost. I think the original live-action actors played their roles really well, however, if we consider more well-known actors for the same roles, I would pick an alternative fan cast shown on this page. These actors and actresses who I chose, also look similar to the actors of Resident Evil 1996 live-action cut-scenes.

Note: If you want to learn more about original actors visit this page:

Note: The pictures which are used for this blog belong to their owners.

Here are some cover photos, which I’ve created for the Resident Evil fan cast


Comments about this wallpaper: Manuela Arcuri as Jill Valentine and Colin Farrell as Chris Redfield. Manuela’s picture is from the TV show Carabinieri and Colin’s photo is from the movie – SWAT (2003).

Here are some other cover photos, where I added Val Kilmer as Albert Wesker. Some wallpapers are also titled as “Biohazard”.


These are the original pictures, which I used for fan cast wallpapers. I want to thank all their owners and creators, who made these pictures. I couldn’t manage to find out who are the authors for these two pictures:


The username of the artist who created the image below is LMorse:


Below here are the photos of the characters, which were in the first game; photos of the actors, who I’ve chosen and photos of the actors who were in the live-action cut-scenes of the first Resident Evil game.

Note: In the first Resident Evil game the ID Cards of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are shown before the games starts, so I created the ID cards for my cast too. I also created ID card for Albert Wesker. Below are original ID cards and fan-cast ID cards.

Orginal ID cards from the game

Una Kavanagh

ID cards, which I created for the fan cast



Colin Farrell – Chris Redfield

Compare with the original actor – Charlie Kraslavsky



Colin Farrell is on the left side and Chris’ original actor Charlie Kraslavsky, who was credited with first name in Resident Evil 1996 game is on the right side.

Here is a fan page of Chris Redfield’s original actor – Charlie Kraslavsky:

Compare with the character



Other photos, which I created. If you want to see these photos in full size, just click them.

Colin Farrell as Chris RedfieldColin Farrell as Chris Redfield-2colin-as-chriscolin-farrell-as-chris

Colin James Farrell was born on May 31, 1976 Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland. He is an Irish actor and has played in many movies and TV series. For example: Falling for a Dancer (Movie 1998), Ballykissangel (TV series 1998-1999), Phone Booth (Movie 2002), Pride and Glory (Movie 2008), Total Recall and etc. In 2003 Colin played a role of Jim Street in S.W.A.T. In this movie his character looks like Chris Redfield a lot.

When you finish the game with Chris Redfield there is an epilogue picture

Charlie Kraslavsky on the epilogue picture from Resident Evil 1996

Below is Colin on the epilogue picture, which I made in the same style


Original picture, which I used is from Ballykissangel (1998)


Colin Farrell’s photos

colin_farrellcolin_farrell_2520480538-1472hi_11984172775S.W.A.T UNITE D'ELITES.W.A.T UNITE D'ELITEcolin_farrell-in-swatMSDTIGE FE003

Manuela Arcuri – Jill Valentine

Compare with the original actress



Manuela Arcuri is on the left side and Jill’s original actress from the game, who is only known as Inezh, is on the right side.

Compare with the character



Other photos, which I created. If you want to see these photos in full size just click them.

Manuela Arcuri as Jill ValentineManuela Arcuri as Jill Valentine-2Manuela Arcuri as Jill Valentine-5manuela-arcuri-as-jill-valentine_3manuela-arcuri-as-jill-re1-costumemanuela-arcuri-as-jill-valentine_7

Manuela Arcuri (Emmanuela Arcuri) was born on January 8, 1977 in Anagni Lazio, Italy. Manuela is one of the most beautiful Italian women. She is an actress, model and a television presenter. She began her modeling career at the age of 15. She posed as a photo-model for many magazines. In 1995 she played in Black holes (Original title: I buchi neri) and it was her first movie. Since then she has played in many movies, TV series and theater roles. In 2000 she appeared in a calendar for the magazine Gente Viaggi and Italian Playboy. At the following year Manuela posed for another calendar for the magazine Panorama. In 2001 Manuela played a role of Paola Vitali in Carabinieri (TV series 2001-2002). In 2005 she played Paola Vitali in Carabinieri: Sotto Copertura. Manuela Arcuri is known for Mad Love (2001) (Original title: Juana la locca and Italian title: Giovanna la pazza), The Watch Affair (2003) (Original title: Cosa de brujas and Italian title: La notte delle streghe) and etc. She also played in some theater roles, for instance, Liolà (2006), Il primo che mi capita (2008), A pretty story of woman (2010). In 2003 she had a long relationship with Francesco Coco, accidentally born the same day, the same month and same year of Arcuri. She also had a relationship with Italian Fencer Aldo Montano in 2006. Since 2010 she is engaged with the developer Giovanni Di Gianfrancesco and in October 2013 announced that she is pregnant. On May 8, 2014 she had a son named Matthew. Manuela has two brothers Sergio and Marco.

When you finish the game with Jill Valentine, there is an epilogue picture

Una Kavanagh-38Una Kavanagh-39Una Kavanagh-40Una Kavanagh-41

Below is Manuela on the epilogue picture, which I created. I wanted to choose attractive photos, so I decided to use these wallpapers for the epilogue pictures.


Manuela Arcuri as Jill Valentine

Manuela Arcuri as Jill Valentine-4

Manuela Arcuri’s original picture, which I used is from Calendario Panorama 2001.

Manuela Arcuri’s photos

Manuela ArcuriManuela Arcuri-2Manuela Arcuri-3Manuela Arcuri-4Manuela Arcuri-5Manuela Arcuri-6Manuela Arcuri-7Manuela Arcuri-8Manuela Arcuri-9Manuela Arcuri-10Manuela Arcuri-11Manuela Arcuri-12Manuela Arcuri-13Manuela Arcuri-14Manuela Arcuri-15Manuela Arcuri-16Manuela Arcuri-17Manuela Arcuri-18Manuela Arcuri-19Manuela Arcuri-20Manuela Arcuri-21Manuela Arcuri-22Manuela Arcuri-23Manuela Arcuri-24Manuela Arcuri-25Manuela Arcuri-26Manuela Arcuri-27Manuela Arcuri-28Manuela Arcuri-29Manuela Arcuri-30Manuela Arcuri-31Manuela Arcuri-32Manuela Arcuri-33Manuela Arcuri-34Manuela Arcuri-35Manuela Arcuri-36Manuela Arcuri-37Manuela Arcuri-38manuela-arcuri

Manuela Arcuri in Carabinieri

Manuela Arcuri as Paola VitaliManuela Arcuri as Paola Vitali-2Manuela Arcuri as Paola Vitali-3Manuela Arcuri as Paola Vitali-4Manuela Arcuri as Paola Vitali-5Manuela Arcuri & Lorenzo CrespiManuela Arcuri-Lorenzo Crespi-Martina Colombari-Francesco GiuffridaManuela Arcuri & Ettore BassiManuela Arcuri & Ettore Bassi-2Manuela Arcuri & Ettore Bassi-3Manuela Arcuri & Ettore Bassi-4Manuela Arcuri & Ettore Bassi-5

Manuela Arcuri with her husband Giovanni di Gianfrancesco and their child Mattia

Manuela & GiovanniManuela-Giovanni-MattiaManuela-Giovanni-Mattia-2Manuela & MattiaManuela & Mattia-2Manuela & Mattia-3Manuela & Mattia-4

Steve Austin – Barry Burton

Compare with the original actor Greg Smith



Barry’s original actor Greg Smith, who was credited with his first name in Resident Evil 1996 is on the left side and Steve Austin is on the right side.

Here is a fan page of Barry Burton’s original actor – Gregory Smith:

Compare with the character

Steve Austin as Barry Burton


Steve James Anderson, known as Steve Austin, was born on 18 December in 1964, Austin, Texas, USA. He is an actor, producer and a former professional wrestler. Steve has played in many movies and TV Series. He is known for Hunt to Kill (2010), The Stranger (2010), Tactical Force (2011), Recoil (2011), Maximum Conviction (2012), etc. In Tactical Force Steve played S.W.A.T. Captain Frank Tate. Steve looks like Barry Burton – their physical structure is the same.

Roberta Giarrusso – Rebecca Chambers

Compare with the original actress



Roberta Giarrusso is on the left side and Rebecca’s original actress, who is only known as Linda, is on the right side.

Compare with the character

Roberta Giarrusso as Rebecca Chambers

Roberta Giarrusso as Rebecca Chambers-2


Roberta Anna Silvia Giarrusso (also Known as Roberta Giarrusso) was born on February 24 in 1982, Palermo, Sicily, Italy. She is an Italian model, actress and a showgirl. She has played in many movies, TV series and theater roles. Roberta started her modeling career in 1997. From 2003 to 2008 Roberta played the role of Sonia Martini in Carabinieri (TV Series 2001-2008). After that she played several roles in Un caso di coscienza (TV Show 2008), Don Matteo (TV Show 2008), ll commissario Manara (TV Show 2009-2011), 7 vite (TV Show 2009), Tale e quale show (2014), Caduta libera (2015), Gli italiani hanno sempre ragione (2015), etc. She played in some theater roles, for example, Fallo per papa and Universitari-Molto piu che amici.

Roberta Giarrusso’s photos

Roberta GiarrussoRoberta Giarrusso-2Roberta Giarrusso-3Roberta Giarrusso-4Roberta Giarrusso-5Roberta Giarrusso-6Roberta Giarrusso-7Roberta Giarrusso-8Roberta Giarrusso-9Roberta Giarrusso-10Roberta Giarrusso-11Roberta Giarrusso-12Roberta Giarrusso-13Roberta Giarrusso-14Roberta-Giarrusso-15Roberta Giarrusso-16

Roberta Giarrusso in Carabinieri

Roberta Giarrusso as Sonia MartiniRoberta Giarrusso as Sonia Martini-2Roberta Giarrusso as Sonia Martini-3Roberta Giarrusso as Sonia Martini-4Roberta Giarrusso as Sonia Martini-5

Val Kilmer – Albert Wesker

Compare with with the original actor – Eric Pirius



Wesker’s original actor Eric Pirius, who was credited as Eric in the first game, is on the left side and Val Kilmer is on the right side.

Here is a fan page of Albert Wesker’s original actor – Eric Pirius:

Compare with the character

Val Kilmer as Albert Wesker

Val Kilmer as Albert Wesker-2

Val Kilmer as Albert Wesker-3

Val Kilmer as Albert Wesker-4

Val Kilmer as Albert Wesker-5

Val Kilmer as Albert Wesker-6


Val Edward Kilmer (also known as Val Kilmer) was born on December 31 in 1959, Los Angeles, California, USA. Val is an American actor. He has played in many movies and in some TV series, where he had minor roles. He became a popular actor in the mid-1980. Val Kilmer is known for Top Secret (1984), Real Genius (1985), Top Gun (1986), Batman: Forever (1995), Heat (1995), The Island of Dr.Moreau (1996), The Ghost and The Darkness (1996), The Saint (1997), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Deja Vu (2006), MacGruber (2010), etc. In Top Gun he played Iceman, who looks like Wesker a lot, especially Wesker from the first Resident Evil game. His character, Montgomery, in The Island of Dr.Moreu also looks like Wesker.

Val Kilmer from Top Gun


Steve Burton – Joseph Frost

Compare with the original actor


OJoseph’s original actor Jason Wool is on the left side of the picture and Steve Burton is on the right side.

Compare with the character

Steve Burton as Joseph Frost

Steve Burton as Joseph Frost-2

Jack Stephen Burton (also known as Steve Burton) was born on June 28 in 1970, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. He is an American actor and a producer. Steve is best known for his portrayal of Jason Morgan in General Hospital from 1991 to 2000. He also voiced the character of Cloud Strike in a wide range of Square Enix products, including Final Fantasy VII: Advert Children and the Kingdom hearts series. Steve Burton played Captain Peretz in The Last Castle (2001). Currently, Steve is playing the role of Dylon McAvoy in the soap opera The Young and The Restless.

David Boreanaz – Brad Vickers

David Boreanaz as Brad Vickers

David Boreanaz as Brad Vickers-2

David Boreanaz was born on May 16 in 1969. He is an American actor,television producer and director. He is known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer(1997), Angel(TV Series 1999),Bones(TV Series 2005) Justice League:The New Frontier(2008). Paul W.S. Anderson who made Resident Evil movies, chose  David for a role of Matt Addison in Resident Evil 2002, but David couldn’t portray him, because he was working for his role – Angel at that time.

Richard Armitage – Forest Speyer

Richard Armitage as Forest Speyer

Richard Crispin Armitage (also known as Richard Armitage) was born on 22 August in 1971, Leicaster, Leicastershire, England, UK. Richard is an English film, television, theater and voice actor. He is best known for his role as Dwarf prince and leader Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy adaptation of The Hobbit. Richard’s most notable role was Guy Gisborne in the TV drama Robin Hood. Also he is known for Ultimate Force (TV series 2003), MI5 (TV series 2002-2010), Strike Back (TV series 2010-2011), etc.

Richard Armitage as Forest Speyer-2

Chris Evans – Richard Aiken



Christopher Robert “Chris” Evans was born on June 13  in 1981. He is an American actor. He is known for Biodiversity: Wild About Life (Video 1997), The Newcomers (2000). Chris Evans began his career on the 2000 television series – Opposite Sex and after that he has been playing in many movies, TV series and video games. Chris played Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four ( Movie 2005), also voiced his character in video game Fantastic Four (2005), Fantastic 4: Rise of the silver surfer (2007). In 2008 he played Detective Paul Diskant in Street Kings. Evans played Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avengers (2011), Captain America: Super Soldier (Voice) (Video Game 2011), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Avengers: Age of Urton (2015), Ant-Man (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016) and etc.

Morris Chestnut – Kenneth J. Sullivan

Morris Chestnut as Kenneth J. Sullivan

Morris L. Chestnut was born on January 1 in 1969, Cerritos, California, USA. He is an American actor and is known for Boyz n the Hood (1991), The Best Man (1999) and its sequel (2013), The Brothers (2001), Two Can Play That Game (2001), Like Mike (2002), etc. He played Luke in several episodes of American Horror Story (TV Series 2011) and played Police Officer Paul Phillips in the movie titled The Call (2013). Morris played Ryan Nichols in the TV series V (2009-2011).

Morris Chestnut as Kenneth J. Sullivan-2

Paul Logan – Edward Dewey

Paul Logan as Edward Dewey

Paul Logan was born on October 15 in 1973. Paul is an actor and plays in movies and TV Shows. He is known for Killer (1997), Ballistica (2009), Mega Piranha (2010), Code Red (2013) and etc. He played SWAT Team Leader in Freezerburn (2005).

Brian Van Holt – Enrico Marini

Brian Van Holt as Enrico Marini

Brian Van Holt as Enrico Marini-2

Brian Van Holt was born on July 6 in 1969. He is an American actor. He has been playing in many movies and TV series. He is known for Black Hawk Down (2001), S.W.A.T (2003), House of Wax (2005),Cougar Town (2009) and etc. In 2003, Brian played a role of Michael Boxer in S.W.A.T.

Ron Eldard – Kevin Dooley

Ron Eldard as Kevin Dooley

Ronald Jason “Ron” Eldard was born on February 20 in 1965. He is an American actor and is known for Sleepers (1996), Black Hawk Down (2001), House of Sand and Fog (2003), Super 8 (2011) and etc.

Kelley Karlson – Kathy Burton


Kelly Lee Carlson is an American model and actress. Kelly was born on February 17 in 1976. She is best known for her role as Kimber Henry on the FX drama series Nip/Tuck. Kelly is also known for starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004), The Marine (2006), Made of Honor (2008) and etc. In The Marine she played Kate Triton, who was John Triton’s wife. John Triton was played by John Cena. Carlson is trained in Kali. She is also a sponsor and volunteer for several organizations, including LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society and Wounded Warriors.

Kelly Carlson’s photos


Orlando Bloom – Billy Coen

Orlando Bloom as Billy Coen

Orlando Jonathan Blanchared Bloom was born on January 13 in 1977. He is an English actor. He is known for The Lord of Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of Rings: The Two Towers (2002), The Lord of Rings: The Return of the King (2003). His most notable role was Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Cruise of the black Pearl (2003), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007). After that he played Legolas in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014).

Jared Leto – James Marcus (young)

Jared Leto as James Marcus

Jared Joseph Leto was born on December 26 in 1971. He is an American actor, singer, songwriter and director. Leto is known for Requiem for a Dream (2000), Alexander (2004), Batoni Aravin (2009), Artifact (2012) and etc. In Alexander he played the role of Hephaistion.

John Terry – James Marcus (Old)



John Terry was born on January 25, 1950. He is an American film, television, and stage actor. He played Dr. “Div” Cvetic in several episodes of ER (TV Series 1994). He is known for Full Metal Jacket (1987), The Living Daylights (1987), Of Mice and Men (1992), Betrayed: A Story of the Three Women (1995), Kiss and Tell (1996), A Mother’s Instinct (1996), L.A Johns (1997), A change of Heart (1998), 24 (TV Series 2002-2003) (Several episodes), Zodiac (2007), and etc. His most notable role was Dr. Christian Shephard in Lost (TV Series 2004-2010).

I hope you enjoyed the fan cast. If you like it, please leave a comment


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